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Feel the passion and be a Wine Consultant
PRP Wine International offers jobs in different states.

Fun, money, career, an exciting product and industry, recognition and security; all this can be yours with PRP Wine International. This is in addition to the pleasure and satisfaction which you will gain by operating in an attractive, professional sector.

Not experienced in the wine trade? The profession of wine consultant is open to you!
Take advantage of this unique opportunity. You invest your:

We offer you the support and training which is necessary for you to succeed as a wine consultant. Expertise in Direct Wine Sales!

Sound like a great job? Take the first step up the ladder with PRP Wine International! We have openings in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Florida and North Carolina. Email us your resume today!

PRP Wine International, with its corporate offices in Elk Grove Village, IL is the leading company in Direct Sales of prestigous wines from all major wine growing countries throughout the world.

Our company and its team of professional consultants service customers in rural and urban areas from coast to coast.

Perfect customer oriented marketing, consistently high quality products, superb customer service, and an industry leading training program for new and existing employees has given PRP Wine International the market leadership in direct wine sales.

What was the revolutionary new concept in wine sales some 30 years ago - in home or in office wine tastings - is still the recipe for success in the USA today.

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The PRP Direct Sales Concept

How much do you want to earn?
We all have our personal dreams. At PRP Wine International the level of income is up to you. Because it is you alone who decides, by your hard work and degree of commitment, how high up the professional ladder you will go. Whether you are a wine consultant, a senior wine consultant or an executive wine consultant - your success is limitless.

When do you want to work?
You can make the most efficient use of your time and give your customers the best possible service. As a PRP wine consultant your have the distinct advantage of flexible working hours, relieving you of the burden of a rigid or fixed work schedule, thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded life and the rewards of friends and family.

Do you want to benefit from our customer circle?
We can give you powerful, target oriented advertising and efficient sales support which will help you reach interested parties. And we secure your income with a valuable and active portfolio of clients who have valued the quality of our products and the service we give for a number of years. You are invited to make responsible and successful use of this information and enjoy the benefits.

Do you want to sell top quality products?
We have a full range of quality products in every price category, from simple superior wines to great wines bearing illustrious names. They have all been selected for quality by our skilled wine experts, who know that the quality of products is premier. This total quality concept is confirmed by countless awards and distinctions won every year in a variety of wine contests. That is not all: for many years our PRP Gift Service has become an important part of our customer service. It saves individuals and companies all the hassle of selecting and delivering gifts. The catalogue offers selected wines and wine accessories that are only available from PRP Wine International.

Do you like winning?
PRP Wine International rewards high achievers in national and international competitions with a range of attractive special offers like bonuses, vacations, car allowances plus much more. By reaching certain goals, you will celebrate your success in the most fascinating locations in the USA or Europe, with equally successful colleagues.

Sound like a great job? Take the first step up the ladder with PRP Wine International! Email us your resume today!

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