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Etched Accessories

Create the perfect one of a kind gift. Discuss etched wine accessories with a PRP Wine representative today.
Call 1-800-851-1250 and you will be routed to a sales representative in your region.

Etched Wineglasses

Etched Glassware

Enhance your gift with etched glassware. Your choice of design and working on either flute, white or red glassware.

Sommelier Gift Boxes

Etched 8-Piece Sommelier Set

Add your choice of two bottles of wine to the 8 piece sommelier set in our elegant wooden box. Add your logo or greeting for a personal message.


Personalized Leather Coasters

Enhance your gift and make a lasting impression with these handsome and practical leather coasters. A gift that will last.

Etched Boxes

Personalized 1-Bottle Wood Box Set

Select any standard bottle from our exclusive collection and put it into this attractive wood box with your logo, design and wording on the lid.

Bottle Neck Hangers

Elegant Bottle Neck Hangers

Add your personal touch on any of our exclusive wines with these elegant neck hangers. These natural and high quality products can be etched and can double as a key chain long after the wine is gone!

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