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Host a Wine Sampling Experience

Bring the fun and discovery of fine wines from around the world – right to your own home!

Invite friends to join you as you host a wine sampling experience party and you’ll have a wonderful time trying new wines from around the world!

Our knowledgeable wine consultant will bring several different, delectable wines for you to taste and enjoy while sharing food and wine pairing ideas, recipes and suggestions for each wine you taste.

Learn more about favorites such as California Chardonnay and Merlot as well as wines from as far away as Chile’ and Australia. Is it Shiraz or Syrah?  How do you pronounce Pinot Noir?  Ask the questions you’ve always wanted answers to but didn’t want to ask in a restaurant!

Available now in these states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Missouri, Southern California, Michigan and Arizona.

Cost of an in home wine sampling experience is only $99. 

Call us now at 1-800-851-1250 to be directed to an office near you or fill out the survey below.

The Wine Survey

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