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Ciliegiolo Toscana


2011 Piccolomini Ciliegiolo is a red wine grape variety of central and north-western Italy, something of an obscurity in recent decades but now undergoing something of a renaissance in Liguria and its spiritual home of Tuscany. It is now used increasingly in the red wines of several western Italian DOCs including Chianti, Colli di Luni, Montecarlo, Colline di Levanto, Golfo di Tigullio and Val Polcevera. The number of varietal IGT wines made from Ciliegiolo has noticeably increased since the year 2000.
The grape's name comes from an Italian word for 'cherry', a fruit which Ciliegiolo wines resemble both in color and aroma. It is this character which has brought about the vine's renaissance, as it brings a certain freshness and lively character to otherwise heavy wines. In a world which increasingly demands early-drinking wines which are nonetheless full of character, Ciliegiolo grapes have provided an excellent addition to wines which otherwise need cellaring before they become approachable.
Ciliegiolo's early history is not well documented, although various sources suggest that it came from Spain and seems to have been imported from some pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostela.
Intense ruby red colour, this Ciliegiolo is characterized by its typical aroma reminiscent of ripe red cherry. Notes of blackcurrant combined with a slight spiciness of black pepper and cloves make his intriguing and pleasant fragrance. The palate is soft and elegant characterized by persistency and drinkability. Wine that can accompany any meal, it prefers meat dishes, roasts and mature cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 16-18 degrees.