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a unique Experience

Hosting a sampling is a chance to provide entertainment for family, friends co-workers and anyone who loves a good time.

how a sampling works

Are you already having a sampling, or thinking of hosting one? Follow these simple steps and tips before your In Home Wine Sampling Experience.


We have a number of options available depending on your party size. Choose an option that suites your needs best.


Once you’ve chosen and purchased a sampling voucher, redeem using your voucher code. You can redeem here on our website or by calling your local office.


Once you’ve redeem your voucher we will call you to confirm your appointment date.


On your confirmed sampling date, all that’s left to do is prepare for your sampling. We have even more tips on our FAQ page for what to prepare for your sampling.


And finally it’s time to enjoy your In Home Wine Sampling Experience!

in-home sampling options

2 person traditional

8 person traditional

8 Person Premium

4 bottle virtual sampling

6 bottle virtual sampling

All offers are void where prohibited by law.