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Your In Home Wine Sampling Experience


The Wine Sampling Experience

The staple of our business is the in home wine sampling. We consider it not something you do, but something that you and your guests can experience.

the in home sampling

We value our customer’s knowledge of what they are buying. That is why we believe in the wine sampling as a way to understand wines from around the world, and have a fun experience in the process. This is one of our core values and why we believe this is the best way to buy wine.

Bringing the Vineyard to You

We take pride in having exclusive offerings that typically can’t be bought in stores. With PRP you notice these differences. We consider the In Home Wine Sampling Experience our best way to bring to you the taste and culture of the World’s finest vineyards.

Our samplings ensure that you experience wine differently. We’ve created a central set of principles that highlight our goal of offering the best wine sampling to our clients.


When out at events and buying our vouchers for in home wine sampling experiences you’ll see our wine sampling experience trademark. Consider it our seal of approval that you are getting not only a great experience, but the highest quality wines and entertainment.


When you sample and buy from PRP Wine, you are getting exclusive offerings to match your taste. We are proud to share our unique wines with our customers, and they are likewise thrilled to share it with their family, friends and guests.


Because of the quality and exclusivity of our offerings we believe that when you sample wine with us you are getting the best experience possible. It is our thinking that you can’t truly appreciate the daunting world of wine until you’ve tried wine with PRP.